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UpdateYeah! by Ramplan

Version 1.1

Welcome to UpdateYeah, the fast and easy way to build emails using Excel data, or Word data. UpdateYeah ports text to one or more email recipients using your email client application (for example Outlook). Use UpdateYeah when sending the entire Excel file to all recipients would be too much. Below is a screen print of the UpdateYeah app after the user has selected a block of cells three columns by five rows. On the left side is a description for each of the buttons.

screen print

To use UpdateYeah, begin by entering data in columns on your worksheet. Enter your data in one to five columns. Enter a new row for each separate email.

To Cc Bcc Subject Body Text
john@outlook.com jane@outlook.com bill@outlook.com Status Update We crossed 100%

Click the UpdateYeah circle buttons to indicate which columns you have data for. Columns must follow the same order as above and must be adjacent. Hidden columns cannot be included. Next, highlight your range of cells and click the [Select Range] app button. UpdateYeah shows a preview of the data for the first row of the selected data. After clicking [Prepare email to send] you should review each final email in your default client application (for example Outlook) before clicking [Send]. Repeat the process using the app arrow buttons to review each row if you have multiple rows.

tip2 Position the cursor over the email preview and use the mouse scroll wheel to easily advance through the rows.

Use Cc (carbon copy) to include addresses of individuals who need the email for informational purposes. Bcc (blind carbon copy) is a useful way to let others see the e-mail sent without the recipients in the "To" or "Cc" knowing.

tip2 Avoid overloading individuals with too many emails. Use UpdateYeah to focus specific information to specific individuals. People are more apt to read an email that is specifically addressed to just them.

tip3 For a simple one-time update email, instead of entering the email addresses in Excel, leave the "To" unselected and have UpdateYeah prepare the emails without the addresses and then use your email client address book to find the addresses.

When you click [Select Range] UpdateYeah binds the selected worksheet data to UpdateYeah. Highlight the range of columns and rows and then click the [Select Range] button. The number of columns must match the number of circle buttons checked. After you [Select Range] the first email will show to the right of the buttons. Don’t be concerned if the text is cut off. Its only purpose is to give you a visual indication the correct data was selected. Make the task pane wider (drag the left edge) if you need to see more text. When you become familiar with UpdateYeah, drag the left edge of the task pane to only show the controls down the left side. This will hide the text boxes in UpdateYeah and give you a larger area to work with in Excel.

Text in each cell may include formulas and URL's. Below is an example body cell formula which brings together a project name, a numeric value and a date in a few concise sentences. This is what it looks like in the Excel formula bar:

= "Hello Tom. We are progressing ahead with project " & C12 & ". Last week's earnings were: " & C13 & ". The next due date will be " & TEXT(C14,"mmm dd, yyyy") & ". For the full report visit http://www.mysite.com/teamrpt.xlsx. Thanks for your support."

This is what it outputs in the cell and what is ported to the email:

Hello Tom. We are progressing ahead with project Alpha. Last week's earnings were: 1150. The next due date will be January 15, 2013. For the full report visit http://www.mysite.com/teamrpt.xlsx. Thanks for your support.

tip6 You can enter multiple email addresses into one email by separating them with semi-colons. If the addresses are in different cells, use a formula.

tip7 Your email client may allow you to enter friendly names in front of email addresses inside brackets. For example: [Rich]richard@ramplan.com.

To use with Word, enter your data in a table in Word. Then highlight all rows and columns in the table. In Word you must highlight all columns and rows in the table.

You may get a prompt asking you to unblock pop-ups when you click [Prepare Email to Send]. Unblocking pop-ups is necessary. The new generated email is the pop-up you are allowing. UpdateYeah is safe because it builds the emails and lets you send them. Ramplan respects your privacy and the UpdateYeah app does not harvest data. Your emails only go to the addresses you specify. When you are finished using UpdateYeah, if you need to remove it from Excel or Word click the X in the upper right corner.

Requirement: You must have an email client installed on the device (PC, tablet, phone). Microsoft Outlook which is provided with Microsoft Office is an example of an email client. While UpdateYeah will work with Web App versions of Excel, it may not work if you are using a web email service. The best way to tell if this limitation applies is to enter a few rows of data and try it. Be aware different email clients have different limits on the length of text strings that can be passed to them so be sure to review long emails before you hit [Send].

If your requirements are different or involve large amounts of data, please contact us. We would love to discuss enhanced solutions. Thank you for being a Ramplan customer.

Visit us at: www.ramplan.com

Email your comments, questions and feedback to: updateyeah@ramplan.com